V-Tech is a VA-verified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) and MDOT Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Small Disadvantaged Business (SBD) that provides innovative Analytics, Cybersecurity and Technology Services and Solutions (A.C.T.S.) to Federal, DoD, State and Local, and Commercial organizations that drive optimal service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Service Experience


Engineering, System Engineering, and Process Engineering Support

Asset Management System (SAMS) for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This automated computer system was developed specifically to capture, record and report property-related data for single-family properties that have been acquired by, or are being maintained as, custodians of HUD.

Our process engineering support is centered around the single-family property-related data stored in the SAMS database. SAMS supports the major functions that are necessary to manage the day-to-day operations associated with the HUD single-family inventory of properties. Data pertaining to individual properties may be accumulated and reported using different perspectives such as acquisition type, processing step, financial status, funding type, and Home Ownership Center (HOC) area inventory (i.e., the multi-state area covered by a single Management & Marketing contract).

V-Tech staff develops system and programming specifications while researching and resolving production application issues. We also design IT solutions based on business need and technical considerations . Senior programmers monitor application performance and perform run time improvements functions; and prepare user and technical documentation. Our staff is also responsible for making modifications to the existing system. This includes systems engineering and integrating existing capabilities into different applications and platforms to support HUD.

System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support

FDA/O&M Legacy Support (HHSF223200950008C) Prime . V-Tech operates and maintains the Office of Information Management's (OIM) IT systems for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at current vendor release levels or government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) applications software upgrades.

V-Tech personnel provide system design documentation and technical data support for a variety of database documentation. This includes Oracle DBMS, 8i, 9i, Reports, Form and log; JAVA; J2EE; Cold Fusion; and the MS Office application suite. Ongoing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support includes, but is not limited to data analysis and correction to resolve data errors, respond to customer service requests forwarded to the V-Tech team from the OIM IT help desk, perform analysis of impact of changes that have been requested through the Change Control Board (CCB), support of monthly CCB meetings, investigation and resolution of issues pertaining to external interfaces of the supported legacy systems to other FDA applications and database management of batch jobs, monitoring of logs and maintenance of O&M work activity statistics; support for security related activities such as participation in contingency plan test exercises, remediation of applications based on Certification and Accreditation tests conducted by independent security team; and performing modifications to legacy applications to ensure compatibility with future changes to the computing environment.

HUD/HITS (HUDCCOPC22807) Subcontractor

V-Tech Supports the HUD Information Technology Services (HITS) contract at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The HITS contract upgrades, consolidates and supports the Department's nationwide information system. For this effort, we are responsible for documenting technical data in support of the information technology services we are providing. Technical data documentation is for the enterprise architecture, user training, and legacy system documentation. Technical documentation is in the form of paper, digital and interactive computer system formats.

Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support

Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items to provide programming and network services support to users of desktop systems, groups of multi-user systems and users interacting with applications hosted on mainframe computers.

Under the HITS contract, V-Tech is supporting the following areas:

  • Telecommunications hardware and networking
  • System software and DBMS software
  • Operations management
  • Backup and contingency operations
  • User support and assistance
  • Documentation
  • Data entry

FDA/Enterprise Software Legacy Support (HHSF223200950007C) Prime. V-Tech used FDA/Industry best practice methodologies to support testing activities. V-Tech provides IT software support that includes evaluating current operational software for enhancements, installing and maintaining software upgrades or modifications. In addition, this includes installing, testing, and maintaining new software procured by the FDA. V-Tech supported Independent Validation & Verification of software development contractor deliverables, performance testing, and post implementation testing activities.

Configuration Management (CM) Support

FDA/O&M Legacy Support (HHSF223200950008C) Prime. V-Tech is supporting IT legacy systems for the FDA by providing Configuration Management (CM) and Quality Assurance support. This is accomplished by conducting impact analysis for changes that have been requested and approved. V-Tech participates in Change Control Board (CCB) meetings.

As a management entity, CM provides a disciplined set of techniques to ensure that software components are properly identified and controlled, and that quality products are deployed. Each assigned task is coordinated with direct reports who are deemed subject matter experts for specific account functions.

Quality Assurance Support

FDA/Enterprise Software Legacy Testing (HHSF223200950007C) Prime. At FDA our management approach is driven by the EPLC (Enterprise Performance Lifecycle) and a focus on keeping all project stakeholders informed regarding the project's overall objectives, key milestones, accomplishments, and findings. The Project Manager works closely to manage the overall nature of the contract, including managing against a detailed project plan that is maintained on a daily basis in Microsoft Project and accessible by the FDA. The Project Manager uses this as the primary tool to monitor our progress against key milestones and deliverables. The Project Manager also uses this tool to monitor staffing requirements, as the project will ebb and flow in its staffing requirements over the life of the engagement.

Quality is particularly important in our compliance and review work at FDA to ensure accurate documentation of internal controls and to properly document and test the overall program delivery structure. V-Tech utilizes standard operating procedures to ensure quality at FDA. The Quality and Risk Management (QRM) program provides direct support to proposal and engagement teams throughout the entire engagement lifecycle including opportunity qualification, contracting, and engagement delivery.

Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support

NRL Certification & Accreditation (N00173-07D-2003) Prime - V-Tech provides Information Assurance (IA) for both Classified and Unclassified systems, enclaves, sites and projects for the Naval Research Laboratory at the DC, Stennis Montery and Blossom Point locations.

V-Tech provides contract support for Information Systems (IS's) certification and accreditation (C&A). We assist in preparing documentation, reviewing documentation, and testing of IS's to facilitate accreditation of networks, individual systems, devices. We have worked closely with clients developing policies and procedures to facilitate compliance with Federal, DOD, DoN and local guidance. We are familiar with DITSCAP, DIACAP and other Certification and Accreditation methodologies.

We have specialized experience with R&D efforts and understand the unique requirements this environment presents. We have demonstrated capability facilitating testing and validation of such systems as well as compilation of relevant data and documentation for Accreditation approval to test or operate. Our methodology is standardized with reproducible results.

We are experienced in monitoring, and reporting IAVA/IAVB compliance.

We work with both custom in-house and standard DON/DOD databases for managing and maintaining Certification and Accreditation documentation and records.

Our team interfaces directly with client project team functioning as Echelon II in collaboration with both internal and external DAA/ODAA throughout the Certification and Accreditation process to obtain ATO, IATO, IATT accreditations for R&D and production systems.

V-Tech develops and delivers Information Awareness Training.

Program Support

HUD-DHAP-Ike (C-DEN-02343) Prime. The V-Tech Project Management team for this effort worked closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to execute the project management support activities in order to quickly ramp up the contract. We worked with HUD management in the first three weeks of the engagement to review relevant HUD and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) documentation that was necessary to gain an working knowledge of DHAP-Ike (Disaster Housing Assistance Program). Our team members conducted structured interviews of key HUD and public housing authority (PHA) staff to determine key issues and concerns as HUD began transitioning the tracking and monitoring of DHAP-Ike. This involved discussions on the current processing of the DHAP-Ike participants and identifying areas requiring additional review and training. Within 5 days of task order award, we presented a weekly status Project Management report template for HUD management's review and approval. These reports included updates and changes to the Management Work Plan (MWP), as well as identified issues and problems resolved during the week. The deliverables, anticipated timing, and responsibilities are set forth below.

To effectively establish the support of HUD's administration of this program, we organized our delivery approach around the major task areas identified in the solicitation. We prepared a summary MWP in Microsoft Project for HUD's review and approval. The MWP was the first deliverable provided to HUD and was subjected to the rigorous quality control procedures described required by HUD, as were all deliverables required under this contract. The MWP included an allocation of contract resources and a time schedule for the accomplishment of the work and deliverables to be provided. This MWP became the roadmap and responsibility matrix for DHAP. This approach created a collaborative relationship and provided clear lines of responsibility and accountability between HUD and V-Tech.

V-Tech maintained and updated the DHAP-Ike program MWP and narratives as changes occurred. We submitted a weekly report the first business day of each week that included the total number of families eligible for the DHAP-Ike program, numbers leased by PHA, average monthly assistance, number of families leaving the program and reasons why, funding provided, and disbursements. We also provided weekly transfer of participant data from the Disaster Information System (DIS) to the DHAP-Ike case management reporting system.

Managing the Family Assignment Process required data uploading, scrubbing, monitoring and reporting. The V-Tech Team conducted dual assistance matching of DHAP-Ike tenant assistance against PIC, TRACS, and other HUD databases, which identified potential fraud prior to adding the families identified by FEMA.

Other associated tasks included:

  • Transmitting the uploads and new family assignment listings to the PHAs.
  • Building and transmitting a database of families that HUD requested for FEMA to make bridge payments for the upcoming month's rental assistance pursuant to the due dates set by FEMA.
  • Reconciling the bridge payments requested by FEMA and providing the results to HUD staff and participating PHAs. The reconciliation was completed no later than two business days after receipt of the file from FEMA.
  • Created a call list and managed the outreach call process for eligible program participants for both inbound and outbound calls.

HUD/HITS (HUDCCOPC22807) Subcontractor. Our program support for this effort centers on a quality management approach focused on keeping HUD's project stakeholders informed regarding the project's overall objectives, key milestones, accomplishments, and findings. Our project management approach included working closely with stakeholders to manage the overall nature of the task order, including managing against a detailed Microsoft Project plan.

Functional and Administrative Support

EPA Building Service Desk (EP-W-05-059) Prime. V-Tech currently supports the Building Services Desk at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, DC Headquarters Office of Administration and Resources Management's (OARM), Office of Administrative Services (OAS), Facilities Operations Branch (FOB) in the following areas:

  • Building Services Desk (BSD) Support
  • Audio Visual Technical Support and Equipment Operations
  • Conference Support
  • Signage and Bulletin/Directory Boards Support

We provide high quality facilities support services to over 8,000 EPA employees in the Nation's Capital located at 17 different buildings managed, owned and operated by a mix of GSA, lessor, and management companies. V-Tech provides its own hardware and desktop software to support this contract, and is linked to the EPA LAN for EPA and GSA Building Management Software.

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